A black and white image of the younger Maeve, with a severe fringe and long bob, in school uniform that includes a white blouse and striped tie. She is looking out under her fringe with a critical gaze at something off screen.
The image is from the film Censor. It shows a white woman with dark hair, wearing a white ruched dress. She appears to be standing in the woods at night, and she is spattered with bright red fake blood.
Kangyu Garam, who has short copper hair and glasses, and is wrapped in a scarf that covers the lower half of her face, shooting with a digital camera on a tripod.
The image is a colour screenshot from the film But I'm a Cheerleader. It shows a life-size model of a pale blue living room, with a false fireplace and false window. Two characters in pink dresses and grey aprons are pushing pale blue vacuum cleaners from opposite sides of the room. An older woman in a pink cardigan and skirt sits on the floor instructing them. Another character in pink sits sideways on a chair in the background.
The image is a still from a colour film. It shows a dark-skinned woman's face in extreme close up against a black background. She is looking off to the left, and her eyes are bloodshot as if she has been crying. She is dramatically lit, with the left side of her face in shadow.
The image is a still from a colour film, watermarked CINENOVA in the upper right hand corner. It shows a dark-skinned woman wearing a silver blouse and grey slacks. She is standing behind a camera on a tripod. There are camera lights in front of her, and an abstract black and white image on the wall behind her.
The image shows the back cover of the book Paradise Rot. There is a pink filter over the image. The back cover features a white moth and pink print that looks like lichen. It has a blurb text that reads: "Jenny Hval creates a parallel world that's familiar but subtly skewed. As intriguing and impressive a novelist as she is a musician, Hval is a master of quiet horror and wonder." The blurb is by Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick. There is a second copy of the book face-upwards beneath the main copy, and some drooping pink tulips in the top left hand corner of the image.