Join our Hall Des Femmes & Keep CDF’s Archive Alive!

We want to make sure our website is as accessible and sustainable as possible. It was designed in 2014 to promote the events we were putting on, so it needs a serious overhaul.

We are recruiting an access-aware community web designer to make sure you can read, watch and listen to our content comfortably across all your devices. We will also have an archive of all our events, including some audio and video recordings.

We are a community organisation with no funding and that’s why we turn to you, queer feminist cinema lovers and avid readers, to support us so we can keep going, and keep our archives alive!

What You Get

We will keep

  • all our online content free
  • all our events affordable
  • all our love for you.

If you want to share your name with your donation, we will immortalise it in our Hall Des Femmes, the page celebrating supporters on our website <3 <3 <3.