This image is a colour illustration by Javie Huxley, incorporating illustrated versions of characters from the films in the Lesbian Camp: Yes It's F*Ing Political film programme. From left to right: a pale-skinned, shirtless boy playing a video game (from the short film Dungarees); a dark-skinned bodybuilder in a white bikini, posing with her arms behind her head (from the film Pumping Iron 2); a dark-skinned person with their hair pulled back (from the film Anemone); a fair-skinned, blonde-haired cheerleader in a pink top holding a pom-pom (from the film But I’m a Cheerleader); three dark-skinned women standing together in a group, one with a shave head, one wearing a fringed cap, and one with long loose hair (from the film Bonde); behind them is a dark-skinned woman in a yellow sundress and gold dangly earrings (from the film Trashy Booty). There are white and gold starbursts scattered across the poster.