FAQ & Guidelines for Zoom Events

FAQ & Guidelines for Zoom Events

Unfortunately, we do not have the funding to provide BSL for our live events on this occasion. We will be recording the events in order to closed caption them, and make the videos available subsequently via Vimeo and our website. Please sign up to our monthly mailing list if you’d like to keep posted!

This is our first online event: please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns ahead of the events via selina [at] clubdesfemmes.com. We’re looking forward to sharing the online space with you.

How do I join in the Zoom events? 

You need to sign up for each event via Eventbrite. Both events are free. A link to the Zoom event will be sent to the email address you provide, on the day of the event.

What should I do when I join?

Please put and keep your camera and microphone off: this enables better bandwidth for the speaker’s video streams! Feel free to minimise the speaker video and just listen in if that is more comfortable.

If there is any sound disturbance from latecomers or any other interruptions, we will mute everyone in the event and unmute the speakers only, so please be aware that this is what has happened: no need for panic.

This event will be recorded and published online, so please be aware that when you ask a question, your screen name may be read out; please rename yourself if you don’t want this to happen.

How can I participate if I want to?

The chat sidebar will be open throughout the event, moderated by Club des Femmes, who will provide links and references if/when they are cited by our speakers.

There is no pressure to participate: if you would like to, we welcome your comments and questions for the participants, and will collect them to share with the event facilitator towards the end of each session. As at an in-person event, please respect the speakers’ time, integrity and generosity, and respect the audience’s collective experience.

We will save the chat transcript at the end of the event, and make it available through our website and social media.

There will be zero tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism and for any form of trolling. If you have any concerns, you can private message the host (Club des Femmes) through the chat sidebar.

How do I watch the films in advance?

The films will be available on Vimeo from Friday 14th August at 12pm: please check the main event page for links and details of how to watch. The short films playlist will be embedded in the roundtable event post.