Poster for Queerious season. Artwork on left hand side shows a Black person with short hair bending over a brown skinned person whose hand is caressing their head; a white woman with bright red hair; a white woman in a fairytale queen-like crown and white dress; two white women with their faces close together, the one in front wearing a thick black collar, and the one behind pulling back the other woman's head; a brown-skinned person with long hair wearing a pink off the shoulder top and leaning on their arm on a table; a white woman in sexy black underwear, sitting on the ground and leaning back; and in the centre, two Indian women, from the film FIRE, one leaning her head on the other's shoulder. The text on the right reads "Explore a multitude of desires through stories of sexual awakenings and re-awakenings, and queer love through a feminist lens"